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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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Have you noticed just how many skilled people are out of work, yet every day we here of skill shortages in a wide spectrum of industries? So what does it mean? Employment managers simply cannot find the right candidates to fill the right vacancies. Worse still is the fact that those vacancies end up being filled by less qualified individuals.
By now you may be asking yourself why that happening. Hiring managers are faced with a daily decision to choose from hundreds of applicants who all claim to have the right skills for the job. How they end up making the decision as to who gets hired works the same way as how you decide to buy brand A instead of brand B when you want to have a soft drink. It all has to do with the packaging!
Resumes and cover letters are the packaging that we use to take our skills and experience to the market. Get the packaging right and you are sold! It should not really surprise us that a lot of candidates cannot package their skills and experience well. That is because they are not expert packagers. Their expertise is in the legal or medical or financial fields. They are not expert resume and cover letter writers. But I am!
My name is Cece Celestina. I am a writer. I studied languages and creative writing at Beckley. I am an expert packager for skills and experience. I have literally written hundreds of resumes and cover letters. I have helped hundreds of job candidates with the right packaging for their skills and experience.
I now ask that you trust me to carve the right packaging for you too. For only $10 I will craft be best resume or cover letter you will ever need. I believe strongly in the quality of my work. I believe in the quality of the packaging of your talents once I have poured my heart and soul to it.
Contact me today and allow me to use my skills and expertise to put together the best resume and cover letter you will ever need. If you do not see a change in the quali

$10 / Hour
$25 minimum budget

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