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2 Reviews

  • Troy 120 says,

    Pablo2175 or as I know them better as P [LOL] has a great attitude, work ethic, and you can see their attention to detail in his work...great listener and follows the script exactly. I can see their portfolio on guru matches their work they did for me...Pablo is the real deal and you would be crazy not to team up with them for your projects related to their experience & level of skill in book cover design, game character design, logo design and any other project requiring graphics and illustrations. You may have to book ahead cos I will be locking him up for more work asap!!

    for Book cover - very simple on Oct 06, 2019

  • Fee_ says,

    Paul aka Pablo was great to work with! I was ALWAYS updated and he knows how to bring your vision to life. Top guy!!

    for Backgound Scene on Nov 29, 2012

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