Rachel H. White, Speculative Art

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustration

Any speculative fiction subject is up my alley: fantasy, science fiction, space drama, epic, sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, supernatural, horror, monsters, modern and urban fantasy, role playing games, alien extraterrestrials, superheroes and mutants, bizarre, alternate history, steampunk, cyberpunk, diesel punk and ray-gun punk, lemme see your idea, I'll probably like it. Publication: "Winds: NW 20km/hr" (by Stacy Sinclair) illustrations for The Future Fire ezine's Outlaw Bodies specialist anthology, 2012 "Whisperer" (by Craig Pay) illustration for Murky Depths issue 17, Sept. 2011 "Galatea's Stepchildren" (by Sam S. Kepfield) illustrations and cover art for The Future Fire ezine, June 2009 "Suburban Alchemist" (by Rob Sharp) illustrations in The Future Fire ezine, October 2008 "Illumination" ink drawings in Ngenesis: The Trials of Flesh role-playing game book by Apocrypha Studios, 2007 "Wand & Staff" and "Any Stick Will Do" ink drawings in The Circle Magazine, Fall 2007 "Harpy: Goddess of Air" ink drawing in The Circle Magazine, Spring 2007 "Salamander: Lord of Fire" ink drawing in The Circle Magazine, Summer 2006

$20 / Hour
$200 minimum budget