Asad Saleem Yousaf

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

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Financial Math, Numerical Methods

With over 8 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing financial numerical methods to solve complex financial math problems, you will hire the right candidate when it comes to implementation of finance related software

What I have developed thus far that was hitherto unknown

a) A generic time value of money equation that breaks down to roughly estimated 6,000 financial formulas to find one of the following

I) Valuation: Past, present, intermediate, horizon and future value of money. Either a lump sum, annuity or a perpetuity. The annuity types may be ordinary or annuity due with early or deferred payments. The payments may be in constant amount or such payments may grow/shrink by a rate and increase/decrease by a money amount. The payment period may or may not coincide with growth periods.

Now keeping in view the options in I) to find V : valuation we have the following variables to solve for

1) Interest rate
2) Gradient
3) Number of periods
4) Annuity payment

Now options in I) combined with the ones just listed makes the total number of formulas to


Let us come back to options in I) for V: valuation that leads to finding following measures of interest rate and price volatility

1) Modified Duration
2) Macaulay Duration
3) Dollar Duration
4) Convexity

Now with these four measures coupled with finding the remaining variables as listed earlier the count of formulas increases

500x4 + 500x5

Thus the grand total of formulas counts to

2,500 + 4,500

Yes there you have it, one TVM equation breaking down to seven thousand financial formulas for valuation

Where in the World did you last hear that count?

And about numerical methods, my personal collection of iterative methods to find interest rate (IRR)

$10 / Hour
$50 minimum budget