Yash M.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Financial Modeling/ Analysis

- How many sales you need every month to pay all your bills?
- How to price your products so you don’t lose money on each sale?
- When to hire your next employee based on the sales goals you set?
- When you’re going to run out of cash?
- How much capital you need to raise?

Are you caught by all these questions?

Frankly, this is the financial side of your business and managing expenses or incomes is quintessential for your savings. Whether you are a startup or big enterprises; who enjoys doing the financial modeling.

After all, it is surely more amusing to build a product than to work on its freaking numbers. Starting with a plan without having any idea about its financial feasibility is like burning the hole in your pocket.

Remember! In order to prosper, every minuscule step has to be taken carefully. The prime criteria to know the financial feasibility is to determine whether a project will be viable for an organization or business. We design flexible excel based model which include the following data:

- Assumptions
- Projected Profit and Loss for 3/ 5 years (Monthly/ Weekly)
- Projected Cash Flow for 3/ 5 years (Monthly/ Weekly)
- Projected Balance Sheet for 3/ 5 years (Monthly/ Weekly)
- Details of Projected Assets
- Break Even Point Analysis
- Calculation of various ratios
- Calculation of ROI

Note: This is just the standard tabs of any Financial Model. However, we are fexible enough to customize as per your requirements

$18 / Hour
$200 minimum budget