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PASSION!!! Thats how Luke Weatherlow describes his life. Since he was 15 years old he has had a fascination with video games, but not just playing video games, making them. He now has a plethora of books from game design to life drawings which has read countless times. Whenever he is not at college or with his wife he is perfecting on his computer and manual art skills, and waiting to impress the world with his artwork and passion for games. He has a natural love for life, art, society, psychology and especially web design and development. He looks forward to working with employers to help them create their visions for lower than there budget requires.

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2 Reviews for This Service

  • Elfya_van_Muylem says,

    Considering that it was not easy making changes to my website in such a short period of time, I am very satisfied working with Luke. Luke has gone all out trying to make a deadline, keeping his patience and friendliness throughout, working over hours and adding additional work. He definitely is a Jack of all trades who will not go extra work out of the way and who constantly comes up creative solutions. I am looking forward to work with him on the next project.

    for Putting my website in HTML on May 02, 2008

  • Elfya_van_Muylem says,

    Absolutely great and brilliant - I got more than I asked for. Started working on another project with Luke already!

    for Home Refiner Announcement and photo touc on Apr 25, 2008