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I have outstanding problem solving and analytical skills, reverse engineering traits, ability to work under pressure to resolve pressing field issues.Embedded Experience:RTOS, QNX/Xinu/Linux Kernel level development, QNX IPC, process and thread design/development and synchronization, Interrupt handlers, Device drivers, BIOS, SCSI Firmware and Interface, Quasi random number generators, CRT Controller, Digital Sound Generator, Data Communication -UARTs, RS232, RS485, USB,serial data analyzer, wireshark.Software Experience:OS: LINUX (9 yrs.), QNX (4 yrs), Windows (15 yrs.) DOS (17 yrs.),C (17 yrs.), C++ (11 yrs.), C# (5 yrs.), JAVA (1yr.) Embedded (17 yrs.), UML, OOD, OOP, communication protocols, encryption, authentication, RTOS, processes and threads use. Custom Extended BIOS and mini kernel development.Custom Secure Software Compression and Deployment.Languages: C/C++, Assembly, VB,C#, PerlCompilers and Development Environment: GNU, BASH, MSVC, BORLAND Builder; SoftTools, OpenGL, KEIL

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