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Game/Real-time visualization Developer

I am an enthusiastic developer that likes to work with UE4, as well as its components like material editor, Cascade, Lightmass, Persona and others. I also work in Unity or custom game engines if need be.

I am able to work in almost all aspects inside of UE4 or Unity, plan how some features are best implemented and prepare the project for high performance If you are a team that is starting out (or need a rewrite of basic architecture), I can make efficient framework (camera, movement, how networking is handled, loading transition, expose functionality to blueprints). From then on, you can work on your key aspects of the game: gameplay, story and visuals.

If you need me to, I can also help you optimize your game or application, advice you on best practices, create material and cascade effects, improve the networking, work or animation code etc.

Work is not limited to game but I also like to work on other applications that use rendering; this includes architectural visualizations, real-time data visualizations and more

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