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God is not the author of Confusion.

God's word should not be misunderstood. It was never intended that way. Mankind has made it confusing when we try to make it fit our own needs and situations. When studying God's Word you have to prove scripture with other scripture and not just depend on one verse. I want to show the world that God is truth and how they can prove it.

Unity is the key. Have you ever asked yourself, why there are so many denominations of the church? Those denominations were set up by man and not by God. They were established because they didn't agree with the previous denomination. This has spread today to an alarming amount of denominations that now just set up a new group because they can. The reality of God's truth is that there can only be one right answer. I have made it my life goal to search God's Word for those answers. I have also answered the calling to talk to people about the Gospel or good news of Jesus Christ and how the truth of God's Word is affecting them today.

I have recently just started a new blog that looks at some of these issues that we deal with today. Honestly, I am relatively new to the journalism and freelance writing (I worked in the farming and equipment sales industry before this)but I have been a child of God for over 20 years. I am not here to judge anyone or bash any denominations. I am here to spread the truth of God and let the Holy spirit convict the hearts of those readers. I am currently taking journalism and English College courses to better hone my skills in writing and editing "razor sharp". God's Word is referred to as a sharp two edge sword that cuts through the heart. That is what I intend to give my readers.

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