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Every project we do is custom. Guiding you through the process is a dedicated team (not just one person) that ensures someone is always available to answer questions and assist with your needs. To bring your product to life, we use a time-tested four phase process.

PHASE I: Preliminary Design and Specification
During this phase we review your plans for the product, discuss critical needs, and prepare a detailed specification. Items covered include the design philosophy, physical I/O, operation, packaging, acceptance criteria, development cost, rough recurring cost, and our assessment of the potential future capabilities of the product. The design specification serves as the basis for operator, service, and installation manuals. The written assessment helps you examine your concept from four critical perspectives:

Definition of Normal Operation: What does the product do and how do you operate it?

Interface Definition: How does it work? How is it packaged? How does it interface with the outside world? (e.g. sensors, remote computers, controlled devices, etc.)

Constraints: How does the system detect errors? What does it do when they occur? What timing considerations must be met? What other special conditions must be satisfied?

Field Service Features: Virtually all control products provide verification that individual inputs, outputs, and critical components are functioning correctly. This is done through a combination of special operating mode, remote communication, and diagnostic /calibration procedures. Newer systems generally provide for field updating of the controlling firmware.

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