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Ever read a health-related article, and before you even reach the second paragraph, start finding yourself thinking about lunch? Or your cats. Or maybe even the weather. Anything except the words swimming in front of you at the moment.

I've been there too. In fact, I have written articles like that before. When I was working in a healthcare company, I was tasked with preparing informative documents, and communicating personal care information to clients and patients. Like every other person on the job, I started compiling dozens of medical research, summarized the information into 1,000 articles, and repeated what I've written to patients word for word. Needless to say, there was minimal engagement, and no one bothered to follow the advise given. Trust me, the frustration was real.

It wasn't until I started learning more about how to convey knowledge better, that I realized the big mistakes that I had been making. I had been talking in an academic tone all the time, reciting phrases from studies that none of my patients cared about. No wonder there were no results! I was using all sorts of academic jargon to sound professional, but let's face it, academic jargon sucks. Unless you are a professional in the field, a long article full if "-isms" and "-itis" and "-ias" does not look attractive at all. And if you can't even engage the interest of your readers (or listeners) in the first place, how could you convince them to take action?

I have a degree in health science, and have worked in the industry for years. Besides caring for patients and writing articles, I've also been fortunate to be involved in a few marketing projects. Throughout the years working in this field, I have learned how to understand and speak to different audiences, and gathered useful knowledge about sharing and spreading information.

So, if you are looking for:

- A copywriter that can make health and wellness information interesting
- A digital marketer who can identify and reach your target audience
- A social media manager who can create engaging content for different platforms

Then I'm here to help you.

All you need to do is send me a quick message about your requirements, and we can get the process started!

Health and wellness is a growing industry, and consumers are paying more attention to their health than before. There is nothing more fulfilling that helping other people learn more about how to improve their lives, and I hope that together, we can create more positive changes in people's lives.

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