IRS Enrolled Agent & Tax Law Expert

Farmington, New Hampshire, United States

Yearly Stats: $670 Earned |

IRS Enrolled Agent

Federal Income Taxes
All 50 States Income Taxes
C Corporations
S Corporations
F Corporations
H Corporations

International US Tax law issues for companies and foreign corporations doing
business in the USA

Delaware Corporations
Wyoming Corporations

ALL 50 States Partnerships (1065)
ALL 50 States LLC's
ALL States 1120-S
Federal 1120
Federal 1120-F

Federal Income Tax Returns 1040 1040-NR

IRS Tax background in the following areas of highly specialized tax background:
1) Tax Audits (state and federal) ALL 50 states
2) Tax Collections (state and federal) ALL 50 states
3) Offers in Compromise (state and federal) ALL 50 states
4) Lien releases (state and federal) ALL 50 states
5) Levy releases (state and federal) ALL 50 states
6) Innocent Spouse (state and federal)
7) Injured Spouse (state and federal)

Specializing in Tax Collection Issues:

1) Business taxes
2) Employment taxes
3) Personal income taxes
4) Sales and Use Taxes

FORMER IRS Revenue Officer
Masters Degree in US Tax Laws
IRS Enrolled Agent

$75 / Hour
$150 minimum budget