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My most recent project was for the U.S. Coast Guard, where I developed a large scale mathematical optimization model to efficiently allocate a fleet of over 1,000 boats to approximately 200 stations across the continental U.S., Hawaii and Alaska. The model completely eliminated boat shortages and reduced boat excesses by 97%. The required fleet size was also reduced by 23%.As an academic professor, I also perform optimization research and I keep up with the leading optimization techniques. Therefore, I can bring the most recent advances to the table.As an example of application domains, I can perform efficient allocation of resources, revenue management, supply chain management, procurement management, project management. I specialize in situations where complexity precludes manual decision making.

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2 Reviews for This Service

  • ROICLLC says,

    I greatly enjoyed working with Michael on this effort. I trust his work and based on his findings and recommendations, I hired him a couple of weeks later for another project. Highly recommended!

    for LP Solve R&D for Territory Delineation on Dec 06, 2011

  • ROICLLC says,

    Michael (mikew78) has my highest recommendation. This project presented constant challenges and Michael was always readily available with creative and timely solutions, sage advice, and a positive attitude. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again on a future project.

    for Territory Delineation Model on Dec 06, 2011