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The things I spend most of my time doing are developing data-driven, dynamic web applications using ASP.NET, SQL Server or Access, and heavily supported by client-side scripting to improve customer responsiveness. My favorite thing is to leverage the look and feel and power of the web while presenting a user interface that mimics the responsiveness and behavior of a windows application. Web applications include shopping cart enhancement and ground-up building of custom apps to support business processes. I am also fluent in Windows Forms development and database programming (T-SQL in particular).
I am primarily a programmer of database-driven web applications with most of my work being on multi-tiered sites using an Object-Oriented approach.  I program mostly in C#, though I also really enjoy doing web-sites in Ruby On Rails.  I can do Windows applications as well - it is just not something I've been doing a lot of lately.  Although I am fine with simple UI nee

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AccessASPASP.NETCC#Database ProgrammingMicrosoft SQL ServerProgrammingSQLWindows

8 Reviews for This Service


    i highly recommend Sydney. She is professional and very knowledgeable. The project was completed as required and she went the extra mile when needed.

    for WEB PAGE AND HR DATABASE on Aug 28, 2002


    Excellent all around, I could not be more pleased. Sydney is thoughtful and very prompt. Her tech skills are very good, and if she does not know she knows where to get the answers

    for WEB PAGE AND HR DATABASE on Aug 07, 2002

  • Scott_Paluchniak says,

    Sydney really impressed me with her creativity and professionalism. This project turned out better than I had anticipated. Thank you, Sydney!

    for Modify Auto-Pay-per-Click Program on May 29, 2002

  • Mark_Shapiro says,

    I used Sydney to fix some HTML problems for me, as I was on a time-deadline. He worked very quickly, and followed up to make sure all my issues were resolved. He can do so much more than HTML, but his speed and accuracy doing HTML leads me to believe he can do many things very well. Excellent service and skill.

    for Clean errors on HTML page on May 09, 2002

  • Jeff_Watkins says,

    Sydney was excellent in understanding what we needed and finishing the code to get our site up and running. She finished everything in a timely manner and had the site working much faster than we anticipated. She was very easy to work with and understood that our site is/was a work in progress.

    for Interactive Web Registration Page on Apr 16, 2002