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I'm a Full Stack J2EE Java developer, my skills developed and vetted by Cook Systems International.

I prefer mid-tier and back-end work, but am able to develop customer facing elements as well.

Some projects I've developed on my own or in a team-

• File-Sharing Java Application-
Created a multi-user public file-sharing application that makes use of Java networking sockets to access remote machines on an IP network. JAXB was used to parse information from incoming xml files. Swing was used to develop the GUI.
Developed using Swing API, JAXB
• Online Social Media Java Application-
Worked in a team to create a Social Media clone application.
In our project we set out to develop a clone of Facebook- a basic website that had Facebooks core functionalities- private messaging, "walls" for "posts", Users, Groups, User Authentication, password encryption, and communication with a MySql Server to verify Users login credentials. While all team members participated in the design of the project, I was responsible for developing the Front end, where I created the look of the website using Prime Faces and Boots Faces; and connecting it to our application logic via Java Bean objects managed by Spring. Maven was used to manage project dependencies.
The project was developed using Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Maven, Prime Faces and Boots Faces.
• Flight Reservation Java Application-
A project completed over two weeks, I created an online flight reservation application that received messages from a JMS server that communicated flight details and changes. Primefaces was used to develop the GUI. Spring API was used to manage and implement Beans and communicate between controller and view layers via Rest. JSF was used to display information generated by Beans in the View layer. Password encryption done via a SHA-256 key generation. Hibernate was used to programmatically query a MySQL server, where user crede

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AjaxC++CSSJ2ee Application DevelopmentJavaJmsjQueryJsfJSPMySQLSpring FrameworkXHTMLXML

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