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Corpus Global is a world legal solutions company branched out in Phildelphia, PA, United States, with its headquarters at India's cotton city Coimbatore. CorpusGlobal's client-dedicated teams of U.S.-trained attorneys and project managers in US and in India deliver world-class legal process services to corporations and law firms in US, UK, Europe and Asia. Corpus Global's legal team consists of licensed/certified bar attorneys from US, UK and Indian Bar with a total strength of 20 attorneys. Corpus Global's US LEGAL team is headed by an US ATTORNEY who is licensed in the bars of New York and California and who has decades of experience in drafting contracts, Legal Research and in Litigation. Corpus Global has been providing legal services for about 75 Corporate Legal Departments and for about 20 Law Firms across the globe. Corpus Global uses authenticated legal research databases such as WEST LAW and LEXIS NEXIS for its worldwide and US legal research. Please go through our client&#

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