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Magento module-Admin Product Grid Category Filter

Magento has complex system for categories, and that is really flexible and usable. It also introduce flexible model for product attributes, and catalog management in general.

For me, it was obvious that with large number of products inside large number of categories, merchants will need quick way to find products assigned only to one category.

For example, you may wish to bulk change some attributes only on products in specific category. Or you may wish to check if you have assigned all desired products to desired category, or not, without leaving the admin product grid page in Magento backend.

This is exactly what “Admin Product Grid Category Filter” module will enable you to achieve. Based on Observers/ Events mechanism in Magento, this extension does not overwrite any core Magento classes. Clean out of all unneeded functionality, this module will just add category column and search filter into manage products grid. The search filter box is drop down with all your categories in tree view, reflecting parent/child relations. Time:1 Day(s)

3 Reviews for This Service

  • neil_skehel says,

    Once again great job. Exceeded expectations. Began to develop the app to a new level. Ana did a great job. Dragan's involvement is key. The costs are starting to creep up, we must keep our feet on the ground.

    for New programme on Apr 06, 2010

  • neil_skehel says,

    Great job, great value, excellent service and communication.

    for marketing awards programme on Jul 03, 2009

  • neil_skehel says,

    I am very pleased with the value and quality Dragan provides. In spite of English being a second language Dragan's communication was excellent. An iterative approach may not have been his preferance but he was very helpful in developing the web site in real time.

    for marketing awards programme on Jul 03, 2009