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***Mechanical Engineering Design Technologist***

We provide professional services to bring ideas to production. Depending on the needs one or more members of our team may be assign on a project. We offer tailored services to fit your requirements. Note: Prices on this site can not be given accurately, a proper estimate will be performed once we have all information

The way we work with you
Problem identification: First we establish an understanding of the project and produce a clear statement of the needs and objectives that must be covered by the design.

Ideation: We perform preliminary sketches and rough models to convey the concept and provide visual details. This also allow detecting unforeseen issues.

Refinement & analysis: Preliminary designs are put under scrutiny and may be rethought and redesigned. CAD 2D drawings and 3D models are used to perform analysis and identify problematic & production capability.

Implementation & Documentation: Production of technical documents providing detail for manufacture and assembly.

Not all project require to go through each phase.

We use AutoDesk Softwares to perform our work.

Your Satisfaction is Our Success.

Skills & Expertise

2D Design3D DesignAnalyticsAutodeskConcept DevelopmentDesignDrawingEngineeringEngineering DrawingIdeationMechanical EngineeringModelingProduction ManagementSketchingSoftware DevelopmentTeam Management

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