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Meta-Mentoring For Humans Who Want More

Did you know that significantly more people find success when mentored than not? The numbers don't lie. It's a statistical proven fact that when your goals are established and shared with a mentor, and that mentor keeps you accountable to them, the chances of you achieving those goals are doubled!

90% of people fail in pursuit of their dream therefore, not because of lack of discipline, focus, funding, or access to valuable resources as many believe - but because most simply don't know to invest in themselves first before they invest in their business, their career, their dream.

MentorMash is that service that helps get individuals (and business owners) on track from the very beginning, so they don't run out of resources, money or steam!

We Believe that your business, your career, your dream is about as good as you are. And, as good as YOU are is as good as IT gets. The two share a relationship and they together find their own balance. However, we are all taught in school and in life to focus on IT. In fact, we go to school for IT. To learn it better. To run it better. To do it better. Often, we seek resources for it. We desire technology for it. Better processes for IT. But what no one has ever taught you is one very simple universal truth, the happiest, most successful people work on themselves as much as they work on IT! They work on elevating themselves, raising their awareness, understanding why they think what they do, do what they do and have what they have.

For those not familiar with the phrase "Meta-Mentoring" and what it means... Essentially, it is accelerated mentoring that drives accelerated results. Mentoring/Coaching no longer needs to be expensive and time consuming. MentorMash has developed a more modern approach to learning, growing and creating desired results for our clients.

Invest In Yourself Today!

$125 / Hour
$500 minimum budget