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Microsoft VBA Developer

I have developed custom Excel,Word, Powerpoint solutions, tools, templates and dashboards with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). I have more than 5 years of experience and I have developed VBA projects for many international clients.

Skills & Expertise

AccessExcelExcel ProgrammingMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel DashboardsMicrosoft OutlookMs ExcelMs OutlookMs WordPowerpointSQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)VBAVBA ProgrammingVisual BasicVisual Basic Programming

36 Reviews for This Service

  • Alan 360 says,

    Efficient and prompt. Thank you!!

    for Optimize VBA macro on Aug 27, 2020

  • Charles 285 says,

    Prasad does a fantastic job on any of my Excel tasks / His Service is prompt and correct / Prasad is a credit to the Consultancy industry. Charles

    for Word Macro on Jul 03, 2019

  • Joseph 554 says,

    Prasad has successfully completed Phase IV of my excel/powerpoint VBA/macro programming project. He was very efficient and on time and on budget. He has done nothing but exceed expectations on all phases. Very easy to work with - I provide instructions and Prasad does a great job reading them in detail and starting the project and returning a finished project with little to no errors. Very efficient. Prasad has been great to work with over the past 9 months. Will use Prasad for future projects. Thank you Prasad!

    for Excel Filtering/Macro on Mar 13, 2019

  • Charles 285 says,

    Very satisfied / A job well done.

    for Word Macro on Feb 27, 2019

  • Joseph 554 says,

    Once again Prasad did a great job. I had asked Prasad to add functionality to my existing excel/PowerPoint macro/VBA and he did a great job adding onto the work that he had completed for me previously. Very timely and very professional looking. Prasad made a complex request seem easy to do and did it very quickly. I will definitely be using Prasad for future projects and am very satisfied with his work. Very good at excel VBA/macro programming. Thanks Prasad.

    for Excel Filtering/Macro on Feb 21, 2019

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