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most experienced macOS dev on guru.com

20+ years designing and coding applications and kernel extensions under Mac OS.
Full stack programmer working primarily in Objective C & Swift (Cocoa), C++ (CoreFoundation); also in C, Java, JavaScript, Objective C++, Ruby, Python, Assembly.
Built code under Apple's Xcode compilers, LLVM, GNU G++ & GCC, JBuilder and Oracle among others.
Authored and coded with many Object Oriented function classes which cross-compile and work in up to three architectures (Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and UNIX & Linux operating systems), or projects that build both iOS and MacOS target applications.
Debugging skills: familiar with performance tools such as those that ship in Xcode Instruments, to source level tools, and even assembly with LLDB or GDB.
Familiar and easily adaptable with procedures & tools (such as Agile Scrum, Code Collaborator, Jenkins, TestFlight, etc.) for writing, reviewing, delivering & fully documenting code.
Forward thinking: backups regularly performed; code always archived via Git & GitHub, Subversion (svn), CVS, Perforce, SourceSafe and other version control setups. Knowledge of many UNIX System Administration techniques.
Exceptionally friendly and personable: not hesitant to deal with customers, enjoy taking on leadership roles.
Flexible: very comfortable working on own, as part of a large effort or group, but especially in smaller (4-5) person close-knit teams.

$95 / Hour
$250 minimum budget

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