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Org Architecture for Profit & Growth

Assisting small businesses (1 - 200 seats) to improve processes, implement new systems, and generally raise efficiency, success and profit.

- Help businesses to map and improve their processes, then undertake them efficiently.
- Add six-figure sums to organizations' profit margins.
- Make processes enjoyable, used, and integrated with operations (No pointless, thick manuals collecting dust in the corner).
- Assist businesses in becoming more ethical.
- Make work more enjoyable and employees satisfied & engaged
- Aid in businesses flexibility.
- Enable organizations to grow. Quickly.

Do you have issues with any core business processes?
- Personnel (from prehire to retire, including employee voice, satisfaction and welfare)
- Finance (including Accounts receivables, payables, asset management and liquidity)
- Service (including Project and Service Delivery)
- Product (including Procurement, Receiving, Inventory and warehousing)
- Customer (including Prospects, Sales and Negotiations)
- Community (including Marketing)
- Executive (including major business strategy and decision making)
- Development (including research, development and continuous improvement

You have all of these processes - Whether they are documented, or just hovering around in your company's zeitgeist.
Let's simply them, codify them, automate them and get them running like clockwork.
Then let's delegate and elevate - Let's get you working *on* the business, not *in* the business.

The Client Experience:
1. Strategy and Requirements
2. Current Process Mapping
3. Ideal Process Mapping
4. Implementation and Transition
5. Reporting & Continuous Improvement (including making myself redundant, so the business is not dependent me)

Yes, we help implement the systems too, not just design them.

*** 20% of profits from your project will be donated to charitable causes **

*** We offer significant discounts on a per-case basis - "For-good" companies and firms that commit to ethical practices with us are considered. Final decisions are at our discretion.***

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