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I am a 2D/3D design professional with experience using both PCs and MACs in many media sectors including film/TV, architectural visualisation, software development and technical publication and design. I created exceptional 2D and 3D graphics for use in a software program (similar in application to "Clipart" in microsoft products), and short 3D animations to full 2D and 3D illustrations. Have created layout, illustrations and designs for installation manuals and "how to" guides in the technical publications and POS area as well as creating and dealing with governing bodies to create health and safety icons and notices- dealing with clarity and conformity. Also designed box and CD/DVD labels both creatively and through company and legal specification. I'm a field hockey player- captained for 2 consecutive seasons so I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills dealing with a wide range of ages and personalities.Examples of my work can be found here:

2 Reviews for This Service

  • Norman_Ireland says,

    Nikkie was extremely conscientious and worked with me to decipher a failyr complex set of requests. I would use her services again.

    for Funding Allocation on Oct 14, 2009

  • Kris_Kiler1 says,

    Wow. She blew my mind with how fast she turned around the project. Initial presentation of materials was excellent and didn't hesitate when I asked for modifications. Definitely recommend.

    for Need 4 Pieces of Artwork on Oct 03, 2009