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I'm perfectionist by nature, probably like most of people that love mathematics and science. I like to use flexible and advanced software, and that's why all software I create/ design/ or supervise development of is also flexible and very advanced (and since it comes out flexible, it's very easy to extend it even more so it meets everchanging requirements of a customers). And I always try hard to provide a best solution possible for each problem. It's should be easy to predict from description above that I greatly prefer Unix-like OSes and flexible tools like Perl and Latex (and C++ if compiled language must be used for a project); typically software I produce is cross-platform, working on Unix, Windows and MacOS X platforms. Also I have a great experience in implementing very complex dynamic web sites; of course they work with any browser and are very user-friendly and accessible.

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AjaxAnalysisApacheAPIArchitectureAWKBorland C++Borland C++ BuilderBSDCC++C++BuilderCGIcnmCom/dcomCSSDCOM DesignDigitalFastCGIFreeBSDFTPGdbGNOMEHTMLHTTPHTTPSJavaScriptLatexLatin LanguageLinuxMathematicsMfcMicrosoftmod_perlMsMySQLPerlPHPPostgreSQLProgrammingRussianScienceSecuritySendmailShell ScriptingSoftware DesignSolarisSQLiteSshSsiSSLTcp/ipUnixWindowsWindows ProgrammingXML

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