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Registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Services include: conducting patent searches, drafting patent applications, responding to Office Actions, PCT applications.

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7 Reviews for This Service

  • tmclaughlin5LLx says,

    If you have any work you want done regarding patent Usha. Great communicator and hard worker with a great sense of what it takes to get a patent filed. Really great experience:)

    for Update Provisional to NP Patent Filing on Jul 16, 2020

  • 530056 says,

    I cannot begin to express how grateful to have worked with Usha working through my patent appeal application. Usha was very clear in setting expectations, let me know when my supporting documents were required or needed modified. My application was submitted on time and for the cost quoted. Looking forward to a continuing relationship

    for Hubstand patent response on Jun 15, 2020

  • Lizzette 2 says,

    Usha Koshy did an excellent job with my project. She's a real professional and delivered exactly what she promised within the agreed upon time frame. She responded promptly to my questions showing a real interest in my project. I will definitely use Usha again and again and so should you.

    for Patent research and application on Feb 18, 2020

  • Sam Fl says,

    Usha S. Koshy was AMAZING. She is a Patent Prosecution Registered to practice before the USPTO. After filing my own patent and waiting a few years for a response, as it turned out, I made mistakes in my drafting for the patent, so when I received an office action, I did not fully understand how to respond. After some research I came across Usha S. Koshy online, so I decided to give her a try. I hired Usha to respond to the office action. Usha understood what I wrote in my first patent filing, and took my half-written patent filing and turned it into a clear and concise specification with new details in my claims, which should resolve all the rejections that the patent examiner expressed. She even quoted some case law which rebutted the examiners rejections. Usha was very meticulous to details and very articulate in her writing skills, patent knowledge, and the understanding of law. When filing a patent or in my case, responding to an office action, you need two things in a patent attorney. Someone who is detailed oriented and has the ability to “blast holes” in the patent office’s rejections, which Usha has. There are very few people that can take a defected patent filing and craft a response to the office action with such precise details. That blasted holes in the examiners rejections. Usha's work is highly commendable. I couldn't ask for a better professional to help me with my response to the office action. Usha has been a pleasure to work with. Overall I had a very good experience. I can't say enough about Usha's work and how she turned the tables on the examiners rejections. She got my response filed onetime, and although I cannot say what the results will be until I hear back from the USPTO. I can say that it looks very favorable that the tables has changed in my favor. I will continue my review when I hear back from the USPTO. Thank you very much Usha, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    for US Patent = Prosecute An Application on Jul 26, 2017

  • Biomedical 1 says,

    Excellent Job. On time, good communication. Thanks for a job well done

    for Dental Implant Related Patent on Mar 09, 2017