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I have been working with Microsoft technology for 8+ years. I work primarly in industries focusing on highly sensitive PII, including HIPAA and FERPA protected data. I have optimized ETL processes by refactoring legacy SQL and .NET code (both C# and VB.NET) and creating new applications designed to facilitate the cyclical process of data migration. I have supported critical systems for multiple state governments. I have developed data quality dashboards to highlight data discrepancies, and am currently developing Web API microservices to reduce technical debt and increase developer productivity.

Not only do I implement TDD (Test Driven Development) and DDD (Domain Driven Design) in new software, I also always leave legacy code better than I found it - by implementing techniques such as Michael Feathers's Working Efficiently with Legacy Code and Robert Martin's Clean Code.

However, it is not my technical skills that make me particularly unique or outstanding. Alongside my software savvy I possess the ability to work well with people - to draw out unspoken requirements, detect implicit expectations, and to develop connections with the individuals I support.

Technology, in and of itself, is not particularly powerful. It is only when the technology is crafted to fit well into the hands of those who use it that it reaches it true potential. My unique set of personality traits - gregariousness, cheerfulness, openness, and insightful nature - pair with my technical abilities to provide an environment in which true collaboration between business and IT can take place.

Skills & Expertise MvcBusiness AnalysisC#D3jsData MigrationData Quality ControlDesignDeveloperEtlJavaScriptjQueryKnockoutjsMicrosoftOAuthSoftware DesignSQLTest Driven DevelopmentTwitter BootstrapVb.netXML

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