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Podcast editor and producer

I'm very passionate about podcast production. My work experience both on podcast and music engineering give me the tools and the knowledge to provide exceptional editing and mixing skills to deliver the best sounding podcasts, directly to your listeners!

My process starts with the editing stage, where I like to pay special attention to create an enjoyable listening experience focused on the theme that is being discussed, without distractions.
Thorough and sensible editing is crucial for this.

The next stage is mixing. Leveling the different speakers along with any background music, EQing, compression and anything that will make the most out of the overall sound goes in here.
I also fix any problem there might be with the recordings, like excessive reverb, any background noise, etc.
I then master the episodes so that when they are played on any streaming platform, they stand out!

If you are looking for a fast and detail oriented podcast post producer, get in touch with me!

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