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I charge 40 to 60 cents a word for the first 1500, depending on difficulty and degree of specialization. I have a minimum flat rate of 100 dollars for consultation below one page (less than 300 words) to include the initial quote and meeting online/in person. The flat rate of 100 dollars can only be negotiated for sentence short pieces, and if the work is done online and does not involve any traveling costs. I do not do pilots or probationary periods and no work is done outside the initial word count. After I turn in the work I do a reasonable number of consultations on the work delivered. I will not translate words or pages beyond that. Should you need additions or changes after the work is delivered a new contract/order will be crafted, no exceptions! For all work of more than 50 pages I will discuss a reasonable bulk price/at a discounted rate after the 50th page For work of 5 to 100 pages I will discuss a variable flat rate. Work of over 100 pages will be discussed based on difficu

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