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COW is a team of dependable, talented professionals with vast experience in the creative side and the meat and potatoe side of the marketing support business. -Top-notch Creative production for print and web use, together with sound Marketing strategies. It's about your business and how we can help you get the ultimate most out of your marketing dollars. COW is directed by a project manager with over 20 years experience. I am also a Trained Life Coach and believe in win / win situations. My word and deadlines are sacred, I am committed to make a difference!! Service Description COWdesign is a full service creative studio that operates with a project manager with a strong marketing background. With over 18 years in business, our group targets every job with the same enthusiasm and discipline. Our objective is to become marketing allies with our clients, meeting their communication goals and contributing to their success. Multi-language: English and Spanish 100% q

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  • Molly_Rathbun says,

    we canceled the project because we came up with a much better concept on our own. They made an attempt to make a design I wanted, but it was too cartoon like. My business partner did not like the design at all and had a beautiful one he showed me as an alternative. We were willing to pay the fee for the first drafts and had no problem doing that even though we threw money away since the designs were not useable. I was going to give them a higher rating, but after we canceled the project person became indignant, and pushy and started to demand payment.I got email after email about payment. I was new to guru and having problems setting up the funds transfer. I would say while I was not perfect as a customer because I was unsure of what design I wanted and I had problems processing payment, the contact person at this company is tempermental and will be unhappy if you do not like the services or even have a better design. she will harass you about payment even if you are just having problems with getting the payment system to work. We canceled on friday, and she felt that waiting until tuesday was too unbearable and warranted email after email requesting payments. Some of the designs are nice but don't count on Lleana to handle rejection with any sense of maturity.

    for business card, logo on Jan 25, 2006