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Renton, Washington, United States

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Mr. Spock from Star Trek had a great training technique called "the Vulcan mind meld." Spock placed his fingertips on another person's head, which in turn, transferred knowledge, vivid images, and memories from their brain to his, or vice versa. Unfortunately, we do not have that capability...yet. So for the time being, we use a systematic method of transferring knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA). This method is known as ISD. Just as Spock could extract only the information he wanted, the goal in ISD is to make the transfer quickly, cheaply, and tailored to the learner's needs. Training, at its simplest, is the transfer of KSA. ISD is nothing but Spock's Vulcan mind meld equivalent.
My Key Achievements: - Designed, developed and delivered Windows 2000 & Windows XP roll-out training for a major corporation. - Launched successful eLearning platform, developing CBT, WBT and digital training videos for a call center.. - Developed video tutorials. - Introduced Quest

$50 / Hour
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