Peter James Robinson

Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

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Pre Production

Pre-production is the lifeblood of any successful production. It requires the sort of organisational skills bestowed only by the gods, the patience of saints and sometimes a really big bulldozer. It is also where our creative team take the opportunity to showcase their talent. Perhaps you're coming to the table with a fully fledged project and script, perhaps you have the makings of one. Either way, we can take the concept development off your hands if you would rather leave it to us. Fundamentally our team will move heaven and earth daily to ensure that when the production is green lit and the cameras are at speed, everyone and everything on set is perfect.


The film process begins with ideation and writing. In this phase we agree ideas, themes, develop character settings and situations as necessary. This is our main research phase.


In this phase we confirm both spec and shooting scripts required by the main and secondary actors, produce scene breakdowns and treatments.


Once we confirm the scenes and scripting, we move to storyboarding where we generate a scene-by-scene guide with appropriate imagery.


During the main production-planning phase we scout locations and choose cast and crew. It is in this stage that we also produce our total shot list and a final shooting schedule outlining which members of the cast and crew should be available when and where. A final equipment list will also be written outlining the gear required for the shoot. Props are then also arranged and agreed in-line with any script and cast direction needs.

$40 / Hour
$400 minimum budget