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Product Description for E-commerce Store

You decide to plunge into the lucrative e-commerce industry, you do product hunting to figure out what to sell and finally you arrange for an inventory of the product. BOOM! You are now ready to sell. Isn't it?


You have missed out on a significant thing. That is a compelling product description.

A good description doesn't just describe the product, rather it lays down the benefits that the product will provide to the customer.

Whether you want to enhance your sales in the super-competitive Amazon marketplace or any other e-commerce platform (Shopify, Ali Express etc), a good product description is necessary to grab the attention of the buyer.

I am here to help you beat out the competition with killer product descriptions that will make your products fly from your inventory.

So what are you waiting for? Drop me a message ASAP and let the magic unfold.

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3 Reviews for This Service

  • Yasi B. says,

    I have been working with TheBilalm for over 4 months now on a 6 part book self-development/ self - help book series. Aside from great content, Thebilalm has been very easy to communicate with and he makes sure to keep me updated on everything he is working on and asks for feedback along the way. He is patient when life gets in the way and I get busy, and he genuinely cares about my success with my career and life here in the U.S.. I felt like I have a friend in Pakistan, which during this pandemic time is a great thing to feel connected to others around the world. Thank you for everything!!

    for What are you waiting for? Takecareof YOU on Jul 04, 2020

  • Yasi B. says,

    TheBilalm is a blessing to work with! I initially started a project with another guru but unfortunately had to stop the project midway due to a misunderstanding of the content needed. That is when I hired TheBilalm and I am so happy I did. He has a clear understanding of the topic at hand, and does all he can to understand the vision I have for this project. He is great at communicating and his work is great - he clearly does his research. Needless to say I will hopefully have a working relationship with him until all 6 or so of my titles are completed. Thank you for your hard work and timely submissions!

    for 25 page report on self-help spirituality on Apr 19, 2020

  • Jonathan 529 says,

    Great work!

    for Smell Proof bags on Apr 04, 2020