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There is nothing like being on set. Perhaps it is the family ethos that comes from a band of dedicated creatives coming together with a shared vision. Perhaps it is just the really big toys we get to play with. Whether it’s in a lovely climate controlled studio with green screen environment or the Arctic Circle, we have shot footage across the world. Whether you want to mount a camera rig to a truck for tracking shots of a new vehicle launch, a series of action cameras to reveal a new ski brand or you simply want a high-quality interiors shoot for the latest Four Seasons Property, we have the people to pull it off and the gear to capture it.


Be under no illusion, the right crew makes a production. For each project we carefully choose the right crew for the duration, ensuring continuity. You might need a three-person team with one camera across two locations, you might need a ten person crew with a multi-site and multi-camera setup. Regardless, the team has to be right.


If this isn’t your first time, then you will likely have an idea of what you would like to film on. We are a BlackMagic, Canon and Sony house, but should you want to film on the Arri, Red or (dare we say) celluloid, we have people in the wings ready to dolly forward towards you. Cranes, drones, tracks, it’s all here.


We have had the unique pleasure of filming in some rather breathtaking locations over the years and your production should be no different. Whether you’re thinking of a Georgian Mansion, snow-covered woodland, or super-yacht, our location scouts have secured some ridiculous properties and props for almost pennies. We like a challenge, so when you’re thinking, “we would love to open the scene with a Rolls Royce but don’t feel like paying a king's ransom”, try us. See if we can’t work our brand of magic.

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