Dwain Coufal

Temple, Texas, United States

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Professional Product Photography

I've been a full-time freelance photographer for over 12 years. I will use my studio and specialized equipment to photography your products and produce high-quality images for your marketing and e-commerce needs.

I specialize in exceeding Amazon's strict product photo requirements - especially those of a true, solid white-background.

Pricing is based on each individual product, the typical requirements for that type of product, and any special/custom requests/props/models/etc. that you need for your images. All price quotes are manually created based on the product/requests and, therefore, I do not have an actual hourly rate.

To give you an idea of the basic pricing structure:
$5 Base Fee - Per product fee for delivery of (4) images
$20 Complex Product Fee - Required for any product/packaging that is glossy, reflective, white, black, metallic, clear/translucent, etc.
$20+ Multi-piece Set/Pkg Fee - This is the starting fee for any product that is composed of more than a single component
$20+ Prop Fee - This is the starting fee for any prop usage
$75+ Large Prop Fee - This is the starting fee for any large prop usage
$125 Kitchen Fee - This is the fee for the use of our studio kitchen for your product to be photographed in our studio kitchen for lifestyle/environment images
$150-$600 Outdoor Fee - This is the fee for photographing your product in an outdoor location. The locations are geared towards outdoor tools and hiking products.
And, there are other additional fees for specialized staging, lighting, "splash"/other effects, etc.

So, (4) white-background, product-only images may begin at as little as $5 per product (depending on the product and specific requests).

Our pricing is standardized across all clients, so if you request the same type of images for the same type of product, you will receive a transparent price quote that matches the quote we would provide to any other client.

Most standard white-background, product-only image requests have a turn-around of 1-2 business days from the date the product arrives at the studio.

If you need to have your product returned, you must provide a pre-paid return shipping label with your product. Note: Due to the studio volume, products are held a maximum of 21 days if they are received without a pre-paid return shipping label.

$25 / Hour
$25 minimum budget