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Newport Beach, California, United States

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1. working on the Total Ship Monitoring (TSM) project for U.S. NAVY. My primary job function is to develop software for NCAP, a wireless, networked I/O device as defined in IEEE1451.1 and the software for smart sensor network as defined in IEEE1451.4. The device is based on customized x86 hardware and embedded Linux(uClinux). The language, tools and skill used in this project includes C, java, socket programming, CGI programming, parser development (by FLEX and YACC) and other intense Linux hacking. 2.Ported Linux 2.4 to Linkup L7205 platform (ARM7). Project was focusing on board support development. Developed bootloader, flash utility and low-level device driver, and the overall system cross-development. The main language and tools are C, ARM assembly and GNU toolset. 3.UCF satellite ground control station funded by Boeing Co. Implemented "Parallel Processing for Kalman Filter in Aerospace vehicle Parameter Estimation". Project includes algorithm analysis and

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