Orange City, Florida, United States

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Some of my projects:
* A mesh-analyzer for converting 3d meshes into instructions for a rapid prototyping machine
* Android Application to act as a udp remote control for a media player over a wifi lan.
* P2P XMPP (Jabber chat) server.
* crypto-key conversion and keyring merging tool.
* A patch to the light weight GTK+ web browser Dillo written in C to allow for better rendering
* A two or one player Asteroids clone in C++ with computer-controlled crafts that actually dodge asteroids
* A OO Framework in C++ for solving puzzles or research questions and an example program that solves a Removed-Jumped-Over-Pegs puzzle
* A 3d multiplatform game engine in C++ that uses binary space partitioning trees to order polygon rendering
* an IRC Bot Framework in Python which allows live code modifications
* an IRC client in Ocaml making use of Curses and GnuReadline
* A clone of Tetris in C using win32 API
* An 8086 Assembler written in C++ that makes DOS executables
* A win32 application that shows the Fast Fourier Transform of microphone input in real time

$50 / Hour
$0 minimum budget