Grapeland, Texas, United States

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UNIX/NT compatible Perl shopping cart applications Programming Perl / MySQL applications Real-time payment processor libraries using OpenSSL and Net::SSleay UPS Quick Cost libraries, one using Sockets and one using LWP::Simple Global Whois using IO::Socket Security access for downloading purchased software using a web browser Online database editor using a web browser, unlimited number of flatfile databases Online mass mail application using a web browser, unlimited number of mailing lists Multiple search engine search, parse documents, return META tags Browser-dependent JavaScript for data verification, passing information between windows, floating forms, etc. Experience using Perl modules Business::OnlinePayment, CGI, Crypt::SSLeay, DBI, Digest::Haval256, Digest::MD5, Email::Find, Email::Send, FileHandle, FileMetadata, Geo, HTML::Template, HTML::Tidy, HTTP, Image::Magick, IO::Socket, List::Compare::Functional, LWP, Mail::Mailer, Net::SMTP, Net::SSH, Net::SSLeay, Socket, T

$50 / Hour
$0 minimum budget