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Project Management (P.M)

Having Lot of Development Teams and projects, We Provide Project Management Service Full Time / Part Time.

We have Project Manager with 5-6 Years of Development and Project Management Experience in I.T.

Our Project Manager will help you to maintain the schedule of Project Development by working with your team and get the product delivery on time and as required.

Why Hire a Project Manager ?

A Project Managers will handle project’s team, the project’s scope, handles any issues that arise and can remain your reliable and knowledgeable single point of contact.

By hiring Project Manager you will not need to manage all the work, teams and all the work yourself and you can focus on your own business.

Technical workers are creative, productive, downright wonderful resources, but they need direction. Most projects include many highly-specialized resources such as developers, analysts, testers, graphic designers, and technical writers. One of the key functions of your project’s PM is to coordinate all those resources and their tasks – to make sure that work is done in the proper sequence with a minimum of time (and money) wasted, and to facilitate communication between these highly-focused (but not necessarily “big picture” aware) members of the project team.

We organize and know the following :
• Skype
• Asana / Trello / Slack / Todoist
• Good writer and proof reader
• Frameworks (Codeiginitor / Wordpress / Magento / Shopify)
• Handle pressure
• Take or make phone calls on behalf of supervisor
• Speak / Write English
• Have all the Knowledge about Google Apps Engine / MS Office Apps.
• Available for 30-40 Hours Per Week Part Time / Full Time
• Know Best Payment Gateways / SMS Gateways / Paypal
• Have Knowledge About SEO / Affiliate Marketing / Various Analytics Tools

$9 / Hour
$50 minimum budget