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I am very professional. I have a very casual writing voice which shows greatly in my spiritual essays, but due to my work experience as a Special Education teacher I also have many years of experience writing formally in a more professional and formal manner. I pay close attention to detail. I am very goal and deadline driven. I manage my time well. Therefore, I have mastered the art of multitasking.
Objectives:  To write or proofread articles, essays, and/or reports pertaining to Christianity or Education   Writing and Proofreading Background Writing: I have published Christian essays, articles, column, and devotionals for “Reflections” ezine (no longer online) and  Due to my profession and education as a Special Education teacher with an Educational Specialist Degree (one degree beyond Master Level) I have extensive experience writing research based essays. Proofreading: My eight years of teaching expience provides me&nbs

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3 Reviews for This Service

  • XAMonline says,

    Here is a serious pro. Communication skills are with the best of them. She has a good sence of how much work she can do herself. As project manager she has a team of writers she works with. So far we have worked one book at a time and that has been very steady production and quality. We will be moving along at a faster pace now and it Twya Lavender is ready for this next step. We are most grateful for her leadership.

    for Special Education writer on Nov 21, 2006

  • XAMonline says,

    Twya is responsive communicator. She calls and emails so that a company will feel very comfortable with the projects work flow. No news from Brittany yet on Saturday at 5:00

    for Special Education writer on Oct 28, 2006

  • XAMonline says,

    Twya is a go getter with intellect and a gift for Special Education. She communicates very nicely via phone and emails. Timeleliness is demonstrated by getting deadlines met and then going beyond by thinking forward to next weeks agenda. Thumbs up!

    for Special Education writer on Oct 13, 2006