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If you are looking for someone to update your current website content with a new one or to build a complete new website from scratch, you are on the right place.

Just provide me with your new content, desires or new features and I will help you to make it happen.

You can send me enquire without any obligation and I will discuss with you what is the best direction to approach your project.

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BootstrapCSS3EcommerceHTML5JavaScriptjQueryPhotoshop DesignResponsive WordPress ThemeTwitter BootstrapWebsite DesignWooCommerceWordPress

48 Reviews for This Service

  • John 2765 says,

    Hi Manoj. Great work as always! This performance project, especially on mobile, will position us for May 2021 when Google begins factoring in site PageSpeed for organic SEO results. I'm looking for green grades for desktop and mobile. Thank you! John, and Patti.

    for Wordpress Theme Replacement #2 on Mar 18, 2021

  • John 2765 says,

    Manoj is a great web designer and business professional. The web site he built for us is getting results even with the COVID-19 pandemic adversely impacting our business. We have more web design and implementation projects in mind to achieve with Manoj's help and guidance. John Carney CTO Carney Forensics USA

    for Wordpress Theme Replacement #2 on May 27, 2020

  • BSG 1 says,

    Manoj works in a quick and efficient fashion to deliver the best quality service. Manoj stuck with our company through endless rounds of revisions to deliver what we wanted. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for a web developer/designer.

    for Need remarketing tag for sites. on Mar 12, 2020

  • John 2765 says,

    Manoj from Nayapixel is an excellent web designer. He goes the extra mile to develop a great web site. He is client focused and has good design and technical skills. What's more, our new web site is shaking up our business and bringing in new customers. We could not be more pleased. John J. Carney, Esq. Chief Technology Officer and Owner Carney Forensics

    for Wordpress Theme Replacement #2 on Jan 04, 2020

  • Siji_Sijison says,

    very good and excellent developer. He fixes all bugs and defect on time. Great job

    for CTN - phrase 2 project on Feb 26, 2018

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