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Winvision iTech is a technology-based company that provides installation, support, consultancy and project management to our partners and customers as part of our package-based solutions approach. We also offer international clients outsourcing or contract programming services on either on-site or off-site basis.  Platforms: Windows NT, Unix, Linux  Data base designed on: Oracle, SQL Server, MY SQL, PG SQL and Sybase  Language Expertise: o Microsoft technologies: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Dot-Net framework. o Open systems: C, C++ o Sun Systems: java, java beans, java applets/servlets, JDK, JDBC etc  Web Development/Internet technologies - PHP, ASP, J-script, VB-script, Perl /C GI, HTML, DHTML, SHELL scripting, and XML. OUR PRODUCTS: SWAN BANDWIDTH CONTROLLER: IT is a full-featured proxy and caching server/bandwi dth-controller especially developed to handle various demands of a network admin istrator. Currently it is deployed efficiently at many ISP's.

Skills & Expertise

ASPBasicCC++DHTMLDosFreeBSDHTMLJavaJDBCLinuxMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL ServerOraclePerlPHPSecuritySQLSybaseVisual BasicVisual C++WindowsWindows CEWindows NtXML

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