George Austin

Cocoa, Florida, United States

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Sales and Marketing Copy Writing

Looking for a Writer Who Understands Marketing? Well, perhaps today your job just got a little easier.

How can I say that? It's simple.

I'm not just a copywriter. Writing and marketing are not academic for me. As a 20 year veteran of financial marketing, I've been there on the front lines of sales.

In other words, I know sales and marketing...what works and what doesn't, and how to put marketing knowledge into writing.

(Plus, I'll give you a tip which will find the best writer in a moment).

Which means if you want prospects to line up, sign up, donate, or purchase, then look no further.

Your search for a writer is over.

My writing skills came together forged in the fire of one-on-one selling using formulas from legendary million dollar copywriters.

Which means your projects will come endowed with those same formulas.

Many writers can make their English professor proud, but few grasp what makes people get off their duff and take action.

So, if you want to put muscle into your messages, contact me now.

Now, for two vital tips you can use even if you don't choose me.

(1) Look at a writer's introduction. The headline should focus on your need, not the writer. If it says something like, "I am a writer who..." they broke the #1 basic rule of sales writing. They don't know how to write sales or persuasive copy. (BTW, this article mentions you more than it does me).

2) Ask yourself what you want. (a) not to spend much money, (b) a return and profit on your money? In other words, if you pay $50 but get no results, then it COST you $50. But if you pay $250 and you get a $1,000 return, then that INVESTMENT returned to your four-fold.

It's Price vs Value. Think about it.

Thanks for your consideration.

$20 / Hour
$100 minimum budget