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Senior Swift Developer

I have 7+ years experience with Obj C and 2+ years experience with Swift.

My specializations are business and social apps.

In the work I rely on several principles:
• Architecture of application should be properly designed and must allow easily extend and change parts of a application.
• Following the workflow, so that will be achieved maximally precise execution of the task within the given time frame.
• It is important to have a deep knowledge of applied technologies, to use all its features.
• It is necessary to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations that will help solve essential problems the most appropriate way.

• Frameworks: Foundation, UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation, MediaPlayer, EventKit, EventKitUI, AddressBook, AddressBookUI, Social, MessageUI, XCTest, Core Graphics, AssetsLibrary, Photos, WatchKit, CoreBluetooth.
• Networking: AFNetworking, NSURLConnection, NSURLSession.
• Third party: Flurry, XMPPFramework, Facebook-iOS-SDK, MoPubSDK (Twitter), GoogleConversionTrackingSDK-iOS, SWRevealViewController, MMWormhole, Reliant(DI), THObserversAndBinders, OCMock, Facebook SDK, STTwitter, Parse.
• Technologies: Interface Builder, CoreData (NSFetchedResultsController), ARC, Blocks, KVC/KVO, Concurrency(GCD, NSOperation, NSOperationQueue), Auto Layout, Local and push notifications, Predicates, Storyboards, Widgets.
• Tools: git-bisect (Debug tool), genstrings (Localization), Profile (Time Profiler, Leaks), Photoshop, CocoaPods.
• Bug-trackers: Jira, Redmine, Trello, Basecamp, Mantis.
• Project management methodologies: Scrum.
• Version Control Systems: Git (terminal, SourceTree).
• OOP/OOD: SOLID, Layered Application Design, Crosscutting Concerns, Design Patterns.
• Programming Languages: C, Objective-C, Swift.
• Other: Hockeyapp, Cocos2d, HTML, HTTP/1.1, CSS, XMPP.

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  • Braxton 2 says,

    Alexey has been a WONDERFUL Hire! He has delivered exactly what I had asked and even followed up with me weeks later just to see if I was still happy! He is truly a bright and talented fellow. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

    for Xcode IOS APP: Need IOS swift language d on Jan 11, 2017