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Adas SEO services promises to increase your website’s visibility in the internet by increasing visitor ‘hits’ in your website and hence give your business gain an edge over competitors.

Why should you consider internet marketing?
Marketing online is more effective than traditional marketing and costs less!

Consider these facts:

1. Over 60% of all first time visits to a Web site occur as the result of a search! Search engine marketing, getting your Web site at or close to the top of search engine returns, is therefore the single most effective marketing that a company can do.

2. These visitors are pre-qualified leads to your business! Even more important than the amount of traffic received is the quality of traffic - the visitors that arrive as the result of a search are pre-qualified. They are already looking for the products and services your company offers.

3. Contextual Internet advertising costs pennies and returns dollars. That's why "pay per-click" advertising, advertising that presents itself as a search result, is now bigger than
banner ads!

4. Search Engine Marketing has a higher ROI than Traditional Marketing. A report called DoubleClick Summer Cross Media Reach Study indicates that the most popular websites deliver audiences that are larger than the audiences delivered by the average episode of the most popular prime time TV shows and are often comparable in size to the most popular consumer magazines audiences.Delivery Time:3 Month(s)

$5 / Hour
$400 minimum budget