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Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

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Stunning web direct sales copy

My clients are not just impressed with my sales copy, they are thrilled. You will be too.

Sales copy is a first impression, and if it's not perfect it will be a last impression too. In internet sales, you have one chance to turn a browser into a buyer. You'd better make it good!

I was a high level marketing executive before I became a fulltime writer, and I know what sells and what doesn't. I know how to make your product shine and which words to use to make people buy it! Right now you have a chance to get world class sales copy.

Why pay less for sales copy that doesn't work? Why save a dime to lose a dollar?

My usual charge is $350 per "print layout" page, but here's what you get with my package:
* 3 "print layout" pages of unique hard hitting high conversion sales copy!
* Soft sell or hard sell!
* Quotes and testimonials inserted!
* Hot button arguments!
* Integrated fonts, font sizes, colors and overall web appearance!
* I have developed an original neuro-linguistic assumptive style that blows away the older styles of web advertising. It can be adapted to almost any product, and it can be ramped up into a hard sell or toned down into a soft sell with equal success.

Every sale you make is money in your pocket, and every sale not made is money lost. Get the best!

Click the link below or check out my profile to see what some of my clients say! You'll notice comments from a few well-known names, including Dell Daniels and Dave Dubbs, among others.Delivery Time:1 Week(s)

$5 / Hour
$800 minimum budget