Aaron Krowne

New York, New York, United States

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Tech- and business-savvy legal counsel

I love utilizing my deep and diverse background to help others who are looking for guidance at the intersection of tech, business and law. I hold a J.D. in law (magna cum laude), a M.S. in computer science and B.S. in mathematics. I am highly-skilled in quantitative analytics as well as written and spoken communications. I have worked in pure-technical roles (including heading up a data mining R&D group), yet also have experience with small company and startup board and executive roles (CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.), as well as business legal work, and law experience generally.

I have (in no particular order): had two of my own successful online startups (one nonprofit and one for-profit), been featured on the front page of the NY Times "Business" section, won a programming competition, been awarded a major foundation grant (which I conceptualized and wrote), been an expert interviewee/guest on television half a dozen times or so, helped found and run a successful brick-and-mortar business in NYC, won awards for peer-reviewed scientific papers, defended a business in multiple lawsuits and created new public interest case law in the process, and made large writing & editorial contributions to a major recent book in international human rights law.

I am interested in pursuing any relevant opportunities to any of the above (as well as my listed skills), but some top suggestions and interest areas are: privacy and data security consulting (both legal & technical); "outsourced" executive/ board services (esp. for small companies/startups), paralegal work (esp. business law), e-discovery consulting, grant or business proposal writing, virtual currencies/blockchain (business/legal), or any p2p/alt-finance (business/legal).

I am associated with a law firm so I may be able to arrange for formal legal advisory/counsel as part of or separate from my rendering non-attorney consulting services (I am awaiting admission to the bar myself; NY bar exam pass

$150 / Hour
$500 minimum budget