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Our experts master software projects from your requirements, through complete coding with tight follow-up, documentation and testing, to final delivery and maintenance. X-Aeon Solutions is also an active contributor to Open Source Software, provides trainings and sponsors tech-oriented events.

We focus on code quality, deep testing, using highly modular and flexible architectures to ease maintenance. Our core development principles: Plugins-oriented architectures, simple components, Open Source power, clever automation, constant technology watch, quality and optimized code.

We have a strong commitment to project management, adopt agile methodologies and test-driven development. When working with other teams, we provide regular progression reports, support code reviews, abide by commented and maintainable code, often interact and provide motivated feedback. Our clients have direct contacts with the developers that are effectively working on their project: no intermediary.

Our goal:
Using the best of software to develop the best of projects.

Skills & Expertise

AgileAjaxArchitectureCC++DelphiDesignDeveloperHTMLJavaJavaScriptManagementMvcPascalProject ManagementPythonRestRubyRuby On RailsSoftware DesignSoftware Project ManagementTestingTrainingwxWidgets

1 Reviews for This Service

  • klmatfromcannes says,

    Muriel / X-Aeon Solutions has definitively been the perfect one to support my project with an immediate understanding, an impressive technical background, an excellent project management, and, last but not least, great communication skills. Everything has been perfectly delivered on time and I can only wish for the future that Muriel / X-Aeon Solutions will be available next time I need a web/software freelancer. Highly recommended.

    for Ultimact 2.0 on Aug 24, 2012