Marcus Oluyemi

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Translator in international language

Translator in international language & Expert Copywriter, Proofreader
Welcome to the breath of life your website or case study needs.

For ten years, I've helped businesses like yours drive marketing, sales, and brand initiatives with expert copywriting.

"Marcus has an unparalleled passion for creating compelling content that connects with a target audience. From the sales side, it was mission-critical for our team to bring value to prospects with relevant content during each stage of the sales process. Martin made my life so much easier by getting me instant credibility with prospects through content of high value and relevance." – Jason Lazarski, VP of Sales at RetailOps

My specialities? Compelling case studies, engaging website copy, and no-fluff blog writing.

My superpower? Punchy, polished, well-researched wordsmithing (with a pinch of SEO).

Here's the thing ...

Half-baked writing costs you money. It wounds credibility. You really do get what you pay for.

Good copywriting, on the other hand:

–Positions your brand
–Drives website traffic
–Increases conversions
–Supports lead nurturing
–Supercharges the sales cycle

“Marcus is by far the easiest content developer I have ever worked with. He quickly creates a voice for his customer and took on our persona with ease. In addition to his superb writing, Marcus is also a quick communicator, staying on top of conversations and adhering diligently to deadlines.” – Amanda Glincher, AlterG

A good copywriter knows that today's customers put their money down for imagery that pops, words that speak directly to their needs.

They fall in love with brands that know a thing or two about falling in love.

So let’s help them fall in love.

Contact me today to discuss your project.

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$15 / Hour
$30 minimum budget