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A graduate of the UC Berkeley School of Dramatic Art, Joanna's voice is expressive and intelligent. She can be saucy and sultry ... or warm, heartfelt and sweet. Joanna has a distinctive, high-end, velvety, and seductive quality to her voice. Powerfully sexy, ethereal and whispery, she can also deliver a down-to-earth, convincing and believable read. The texture and quality of Joanna's voice make it ideal for narration, TV and radio commercials, corporate phone messaging and educational materials. In addition to voice work, Joanna has been a production director, copy writer, and dance critic.
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ArtCorporateDirectorEducational MaterialsMaterialsRadio

2 Reviews for This Service

  • PIN! & Ink says,

    Professional but fun, timely and accurate. Always a great experience.

    for Reel Crush on Sep 27, 2011

  • PIN! & Ink says,

    Joanna is pure gold. She understands her voice the way an artist understands his brush. The read is virtually perfect in one take. She is funny and open and just everything you'd want in a vocal talent. If you like her demos, just wait until it's YOUR project you're hearing.

    for Sounding Foxy on Jul 05, 2011

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