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Processes that Helped My Clients Optimize their ROI I create automated Excel lease documents to minimize the amount of data entry and eliminate errors. The only data needed for each lease is specific to the individual tenant. All property, legal and all other associated information for the property fills in automatically based on a four-digit code. My lease renewal document reduced data entry time by 40% and eliminated the need for rework due to errors. The lease document reduced data entry time by 53% and reduced need for rework due to errors. I researched and created a comprehensive employee handbook. Working with attorneys to make necessary revisions. The new Paid-Time-Off system awarded an additional 40 hours per year to all employees in a way that the good employees can take advantage of time benefits that previously only poor employees used. By creating a system that rewarded employees for pre-planned time off work, sick-time was reduced which increased productivity. I resear

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